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Hickory Springs Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

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Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies are quality bred, AKC, CKC and pets for families.We take great care to pick the very best parents with exceptional bloodlines and pedigrees and all our dogs that become parents are tested genetically though GenSol Laboratories for genetic diseases. We make sure we have Triple Clear parent(s) to breed to so that our puppies are safe from genetic illnesses and diseases. Next we take great care to make sure that after breeding our females (dams) are well cared for, fed the very best nutritious meals and get daily exercises of play and long walks throughout their 63 gestation period. Our females go in for vet checks for all appropriate vaccinations including Rabies, and they are put on a deworming and heart worm monthly schedule. We  have our vet X-Rays the mothers towards the end of their gestation to make sure all is going well with their pregnancies and to count how many puppies should be born. This way, when we get closer to day 63 (expected birthing day) we are prepared for the number of puppies shown on the X Rays. 

We use state of the art whelping boxes from (EX Whelp) with special padding, inserts to keep the dams from resting on puppies, heat lamps, heating pads and we keep their room quiet, well lite, and warm for the newborns. 

Over the course of the next 8-10 weeks we work with the dams to make sure that all puppies are getting the necessary nourishment from mama. The ones that are not latching on or have good suckling reflexes we assist by bottle feeding, tube feeding or syringe feeding to help them get going like their siblings. 

Our dams are on special diest throughout their pregnancies and continue to eat healthy and well balanced diets with increasing their meals to help them produce the necessary milk to nourish their litter of puppies. 

Once the puppies are around 4 weeks of age, we begin to supplement mama's milk with formula, baby ceareal, a bit of Karo Syrup, and make a sloppy gruel for them to learn how to drink and begin eating on their own. Sometimes, they wear more than they eat, but once they get the hang of feeding time it's all serious down to the last amount of food in their circular bowls.  As time goes on we start adding blended (blender) puppy chow with formula so that their food becomes thicker and they learn to start to use their teeth to chew and swallow their delicious meals. 

By the time they are 6-7 weeks of age, they graduate to dry puppy chow and receive plenty of fresh water. During the 4 week to 8 week period, the dams assist in weaning their puppies as we increase their meals with the food we provide them. 

At the age of 8-10 weeks the puppies are completely on puppy chow (we feed Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chow and fresh water always accessible to them. At this time in their young lives they are ready to go to their new homes and families and begin their new adventure away from their starter home and dams. 

Currently, we have a variety of colored puppies from Tri-color, red, sable, bluie, and fawn. We also have smooth coated, fluffies and our puppies are born with tails and since our vets no longer allow cropping ears, docking tails , ad dew claws, or declawing cats and since our puppies are strictly sold as family pets we leave their tails and dew claws on. So we sell our puppies the natural way...the way they were born. So if you are looking for a show quality puppy with all the trimmings that are necessary to enter them into the show ring, our place is not the right place to shop for you. However, if you are looking for a family dog, a best friend, a replacement for a beloved pet you just lost, we may be the right place for you to stop and take a look. All our puppies are vet checked, health guarantees, put on a worming schedule, receive their first vaccinations, some have pedigrees and all are natural they way they were born. Our motto is: Happy Corgis with Smiling faces and Wagging tails!

So check out what we have to offer you, and we hope you like what you see. Our goal is to have family raised and loved, quality natural Corgi puppies that have  the best start to life in a clean and loving environment with lots of hands on, hugs, kisses, toys, outdoor fun and their moms to help raise them and wean them. They are all socialized and well balanced happy little campers. Each puppy is an individual and we are sure your new best friend is in one of our litters for you to take home. Give us a call, text or visit our sites on our website, facebook, instagram, or email. We love talking Corgis. 


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