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Hickory Springs Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies/Dogs

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies/Dogs

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Our Pembroke Welsh Corgis are family raised from healthy, sound and beautiful registered AKC, CKC and non-registered American Corgis.

Our Corgis are born and raised naturally, and we treat each puppy as an individual allowing them to develop at their own pace physically, cognitively and emotionally. The puppies are well-balanced and unconditionally loved by the whole family. Each family member takes part in the raising, loving and caring for our adult and puppy Corgis.

We feed them nutritional food made by Purina ( Pro-Plan or Purina One), provide health care from tip of their noses to their toes with our vets at Perry Veterinary Clinic, Livonia NY. They are on a regular worming schedule, they receive their much needed vaccines and are seen by our vets for health checks, or if they need to be seen for medical reasons.

Our Corgis are both smooth-coated and "Fluffies" (long-coated) so we can provide whatever coat you prefer in a Corgi. The colors we breed for are: tri-color, red, sable, red sable, bluie, fawn, and we will be adding for our American bred Corgis brindles and merles. 

Our Corgis are born and raised natural, meaning as pets they do not need to have their tails docked or dew claws removed so we prefer to let them be as they are naturally born...with wagging tails, and smiles on their faces.

If you are wanting a show-quality puppy where docking and removing parts of your puppy are mandatory, we are not the place for you to purchase a Corgi pet. One very important reason we are not having our puppies or dogs altered as of 2023 is that our vets will not provide docking of tails, cropping of ears, or removing dew claws. Europe and Australia have already banned these practices and some states in the USA have also started banning these procedures. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in our state along with our vets on this soon to be banned procedures that will not allow animals to be surgically altered for the show ring. 

*We do not judge those that continue to do these surgical procedures, we just won't do it to our puppies.  We like them just the way they are born...natural and happy with "wagging tails and smiles on their faces." 

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